Artist Overview


My name is PJ Doug I am a recent graduate of Fairfield University. I have a degree in New Media and Studio Art. I love making organic designs and also love street art. I have been creating art since he was seven years old and I am always drawing. I have an eye for color and enjoy vibrant palettes.

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York which is a melting pot of culture and art. My love for art began when I was a little boy. I used to sit down in front of the television and draw what I saw on the screen. I had a learning disability and many people made me feel like something was wrong with me. That is why a paper and a pencil became my best friends. They did not judge me. They helped me bring my vision to life. Art brought me joy and it gave me a place to escape to. I decided that I wanted to be an artist. I was told that I would become a starving artist but I realized that my art feeds my soul. My creativity feeds me. I had to convince people that art is worth appreciating. After I graduated from Fairfield University in 2016 I started an art and design business. I decided to do what I love now then wait to later in life to regret not doing it. I believe in following your passion and my passion is art. 

I started to notice the world around me as the greatest inspiration for art. I love street art and graffiti. I am attracted to the shapes of the lettering as well as the colors used. Each piece of street art tells a story and I am there to read it. I want my art to tell a story. I see color in all living things. I enjoy textures as well. I also notice small details in things that people other people often take for granted. I use these elements in various forms of my artwork such as my paintings, sculptures and print work and digital art.

I am passionate about paying it forward. My grandmother was a great artist who put her dreams of becoming an artist on hold to raise a family. She died suddenly in 2012 at the young age of 61. I am honoring her legacy by following her dream too. Another way I am paying it forward is by creating art and sculptures for children with special needs. I try and be inspirations for them to let them know it is okay to be different. I want to volunteer and teach art to kids as well. I also have been doing artwork to bring attention to endangered species. I incorporated pictures of animals from a reserve in Africa into my graphic print designs. These animals also have been injured and are on the reserve because they cannot survive in the wild. I showcase them so that I can keep their plight in the forefront of people’s minds rather than a forgotten thought. I hope that my art inspires change. 

Art is my life and my love. I am living my dream.