The Past, Present and Future Part 2

Visual Renaissance has steadily evolved since its inception. I came to the realization early on that stagnation is the death of any business. Expansion was key. Not only in the sense of the physical size of the company, but in every single aspect. I wanted Visual Renaissance to stay nimble, ahead of the curve. I wanted Visual Renaissance to be personable, both of those goals are very difficult to achieve with a massive company. So I chose to stay a smaller business with a multi-national reach, I would rather expand the business in other ways.

Print mediums were first to be expanded. Paper was a great starting point, but to offer something for everyone, we needed to move past it. After investigating art on different print mediums, I decided Visual Renaissance would need to offer other print mediums in order tobe disruptive and innovative.  I set out on the task of finding new print mediums. I wanted to move the art to a more tactile form. Each print medium I selected added something in quality, tacitly and visually. Visual Renaissance now offers art on wood, glass, stone, canvas, burlap, wall paper, wood siding, concrete, tapestry and carpet.

The print medium makes a large difference in how a piece of art feels, looks and the impression that it leaves the viewer with. Steel prints are very chic and modern while burlap is very rustic and organic. A burlap print, visually, would be in stark contrast to a modern condo in a city and a steel print would be similarly jarring in a cozy wood cabin on a mountainside. The exact same art on two different print mediums spans two distinct and unique viewer impressions. 

Growth of the collection of art is just as important as print mediums.  The number of collections has grown from a humble 3 collections to 10 distinguished collections. The current piece count is 6,175 pieces that changes regularly. The number of pieces flexes with the addition of new pieces in every collection and the discontinuation of pieces in the Limited Collection. Award winning is in our blood, we have two award winning pieces in the Limited Collection, which are my personal pride. 

In addition to the number of pieces of art, the styles of art has expanded. It is one thing to have a large number of works, it is another to have only one style of art that only appeals to a select niche. I want the art to reflect your style and taste not mine. To achieve that I expanded the styles of art to suit each more individual buyers style than every before. Almost every conceivable style of art is represented in our collection from abstract to vorticism.

Last but not least was the improvement of the lookbook. The 2014 Luxe Lookbook features a moleskin wrapped cover with “Oil River” piece found in the Art Collection displayed on the front cover. 60 pages of hand selected pieces from each of the collections as well the Art in Print section of Visual Renaissance, printed on gallery quality art archival paper. That is a marked difference from the first humble 20 page soft cover lookbook. 

Our art can be found in Maraya Cigars in New York City, as well as office buildings, and condos. I’m always looking for opportunities to bring custom art to any commercial properties that are appropriate.  

I’m very pleased with the current state of Visual Renaissance and I’m absolutely excited at the plans for Visual Renaissance’s future.

The Past, Present, And Future of Visual Renaissance

t all began in 2009, when I founded a plucky small company named Levar's Photography. Which was built upon a consumer centric philosophy. Specializing in portraiture, Wedding and event photography. While financially viable, it was not my passion. I love art, making art, and the expression that comes with it. Fine art photography gave me a way to make art, while using a medium of expression that I was adept in.