Levar Jackson Proprietor and Founder Visual Renaissance

Levar Jackson, a two time award winning fine art photographer, founded Visual Renaissance in 2010. Before founding Visual Renaissance, Levar Jackson attended university at Long Island University C.W. Post.

“I started in photography by pure happenstance, I decided I wanted to see London and Paris. I took photos and showed them to friends and family when I returned. They wanted to buy them from me, that week I started Levar’s Photography”-Levar Jackson


Levar is a self taught fine art photographer. Visual Renaissance was not the first business Levar started Levar’s Photography. A company solely focused on photography. “Photography is not my only talent, I found some hidden talents in design and in art. The name Levar’s Photography limited what I could do, future aspirations mostly. So I started Visual Renaissance, to bring the best of what I can do infused with a support team that only a company can provide”-Levar Jackson