Visual Renaissance employs the world’s best art, artists and museums to elevate your space to the next level.




From penthouses to farm houses, we have provided art that makes a home into a masterpiece. 



We have extensive experience designing interiors for offices and retail spaces. Connect with your clients and patrons through art in beautiful and innovative ways.



If you need your guests to have an unforgettable, award winning experience, Visual Renaissance will deliver.

Print and photography is the art for every budget


With tens of thousands of pieces of art, thousands of sizes, and hundreds of print mediums. The perfect piece of art that fits every budget and style. 

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Art as life is embodied through stone. Sculpture pieces that range from statues, walls, bathtubs and pool tables. Each piece is handcrafted and designed for every client.



A trendy contemporary piece or a classic masterwork, the choice is yours.


Tactile, visceral, and versatile; paintings bring life to a space.  With a dedicated team researching, contacting, and commissioning, local, international, and independent artists, You have access to dozens of artists, their collections and the ability to commission custom work that is priced perfectly.


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Digital art's time is now


Introducing Meural, the world’s first digital canvas designed with hospitality in mind.  A digital canvas that accurately reproduces works of art powered by the vast and growing collection of 100,000 pieces. Art from world  renowned museums such as, MoMA, SF MoMA, The Met, The Whitney, Rijk. Art from local and independent artists. Pair art to each individual guest as they enter their hotel room That changes the conversation from the artist and the designer to the guest.


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Commercial and Hospitality

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The Visual Renaissance Difference:

Here at Visual Renaissance we have evolved into an art strategy company that combines the best qualities of an art consortium, dealer, creator, agency and curator. Supported by four pillars of art; print, sculpture, painting and Meural. We offer a unique proposition to hospitality and commercial spaces. Utilizing our art expertise we craft an enveloping interactive experience for your guests. Maximize your investment in art.  Elevate art from a story telling and design element to a connecting and loyalty building element that drives social media public relations.

Schedule your company's presentation today! Lunch is included!

Schedule your company's presentation today! Lunch is included!



With the addition to Meural, digital canvas to our collection of art, it enabled us to tailor art to each guest in each individual guest room. Giving that guest unparalleled connection to the space.

"I want to be able to craft a space that each and every guest connects with and feels that it's theirs. When I walk into a hotel room, I can't change the sheets, drapes, or the color of the walls. With Meural, I walk into a room and my favorite piece of art is on the wall. That builds loyalty"-Levar Jackson, Founder Visual Renaissance